About Us


MP Securities Inc. turns adversity into the fuel that feeds the fire to win regardless of circumstances and this sets MP Securities Inc. apart from other security companies. Client’s safety is our priority during all operations.

Communication: MP Securities Inc.’s owners and managers have an open door policy. No concern is too small or insignificant and this open door policy applies not only to staff, but to our valued clients as well.

Commitment: We at MP Securities Inc., strive to provide our valued clients with the highest levels of security. We are committed to finding new and innovative ways to prevent crime and criminal activities before they happen.

Cooperation: You cannot do such big tasks alone and that is the truth of life. We demand cooperation with local law enforcement and the city we serve. That’s why we are members of several chambers of commerce and the Los Angeles County Sheriff Boosters club.

Integrity: “Do the right thing when no one is watching”. MP Securities Inc. holds its employees to a higher moral value. This is done by pre-employment drug testing and back ground checks of its officers. When the dust settles, integrity is all we have.

Leadership: MP Securities Inc. believes in leading from the front and being above reproach. Leadership is not limited to the management structure within a company but goes beyond and extends into the communities we serve.

Reputations: Your reputation is everything. It takes ten good acts to wipe away one negative one. It is with this knowledge that MP Securities Inc. insists on maintaining a close relationship with the clients. It allows us to create reputation of dedication to the job and never wavering from our goals of providing quality and affordable security.

Training: All Officers in our company have received State Certified training along with our own training regiment as well. Annual certified Officer testing guarantees skilled, knowledgeable, competent and qualified officers, ready to perform any duty at hand. All Officers also go through First Aid and CPR certification enabling them to not only respond to security issues, but also to assist in medical emergency situations until EMS arrives which gives them the basic skills to be “first responders” which could save lives.

To obtain state permits please contact:


Cecil Williams & Steven Karnazes www.prosecuritytraining.net