Educational Institution Security

Educational institutions carry their own unique security issues no matter where they are located whether is Los Angeles, Woodland Hills, Fresno, or somewhere in between the concerns remain the same. Provide a safe learning and working environment for everyone. Sometime the issues are clear for example keeping unwanted people out. Outside of that you have the student populous to deal with. In the majority of schools, colleges or vocational institution settings you have campus rule that must be followed by staff, students and visitors. This places the security guard in a position unlike many other accounts. The security guard has to fully understand the letter of the law and sprit of the law; along with outstanding customer service. The student is the customer of the school, the visitor maybe a parent or vendor of the school; upsetting the student, parent or vendor my cost the school money. The security guard has to fully understand how to navigate through these situations while doing the job the school hired them for. With MP Securities Inc. training program for all security guard, courtesy patrol and concierge personal they are trained on conflict resolution, de-escalation and customer service. Whether you are in Los Angeles, San Bernardino or anywhere in CA MP Securities Inc. security guards, courtesy patrol or concierge professional are here to service you and your clients.

Security guard

If you oversee the safety of an educational institution or simply want to take a proactive approach to your security needs and your concern is access control, parking enforcement, rule enforcement and general overall safety, MP Securities Inc. is here to help you with your needs. We will tailor a service for your campus to help ensure the safety of your students, staff, facility and visitors. Please fill out the get a quote section or call us today.