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Thank you for your consideration to join MP Securities Inc. we are proud of our reputation and service we provide to our clients. This reputation was built on the hard work and dedication of the men and women that came before you; and with a little luck you may be able to work alongside them.

Before applying there are a few housekeeping rules you should know. You are applying to an unsolicited job. We may or may not contact you in the event of an opening, when we are hiring we will post an online ad stating so.

To be considered for employment you will need to have an active California Guard Card. We cannot assist you in obtaining one nor will we consider interviewing you without one. It can take several months for you to reviving a Guard Card so it will be a waste of your time and ours to interview you before you have a cleared guard card.

We have grooming standards that all uniformed staff must follow:

  1. No visible tattoos if you have them on your hands, face or neck you will be disqualified
  2. All staff must pass a drug test
  3. All employees will undergo a ridged background check
  4. In some circumstances officers my need to pass a credit check
  5. Men must be clean shaved at all time while in uniform (mustaches and goatees are expectable neatly trimmed and maintained)
  6. Must have a high school diploma or GED
  7. You need to have a running car and a current drivers license
  8. If you are former military you need to have you DD-214 with you at time of interview
  9. Women must keep hair up in a bun while in uniform.
  10. Men cannot have hair toughing the collar of their shirt if it is longer than that it must be put up.

At time of interview here are a few tips:

  1. You may be interviewed by a manager, HR or one of the owners. You interview starts at the moment you are called or emailed.
  2. Dress for success nice pants no wrinkles, with a dress shirt if you feel you need a tie to standout it cannot hurt.
  3. You will be asked to perform a prearranged writing assignment to test your spelling, grammar and penmanship skills. Know how to form a complete sentence, understand the difference between, to, too and two. Understand the context on how to use; Their, There and They’re. We write reports every night we work your ability or inability to write is a direct reflection on the company and our hiring standards.
  4. You may work a property with other officers sometime on the same shift sometimes not. This means your failure to perform your job can cost someone theirs. This is why we have the standard that we do. Be prepared to demonstrate your work ethic in the interview.
  5. Be on time; know where you are going before driving to the interview. On the job you will be expected to think on your feet and find address or apartments.

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