Family Speaks Out After Father Killed By Security Guard

Posted on: February 1, 2016 by in Info Articles
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Security guard allegedly tackles 64 year old man for allegedly cutting in line at a pharmacy.

A contract security officer working at the Virginia Common Wealth Hospital pharmacy allegedly tackled a man. According to the report the 64 year old men suffered a head injury and dead two day later. What is next for the Security Company, officer and hospital?

If case law prevails a multimillion dollar payment will be paid out by all parties. If the jury sees its way clear it will see the hospital was not at fault in this case. They simply hired a contract security company to protect their assets and customers. In my option the guard over reacted and went well beyond force necessary. Just another blemish on contract security professionals

How do you prevent this kind of thing from happening? When hiring a security company ensure they background check, drug test and train their staff on the risk of lawsuits. Twice a year at MP Securities Inc. all staff are required to attend a lawsuit prevention training where case studies like this one are discussed and picked apart to educate them on the risks of overreacting.


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