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Posted on: November 15, 2015 by in Info Articles
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When a security officer does something wrong it looks bad on the company he or she is employed by. When the owner of a security company does something illegal it shines negatively on all of us. The actions of Kelso will have an impact on the security industry for years to come. We are professionals, licensed through the state and entrusted to protect life and property. Not only are we entrusted to perform these actions we are seen or at least should be seen to the public as a trusted member of society. Many times we are first on scene for real emergency where a member of our community needs help. When a company owner does something as horrific as child molestation the rest of us have to work that much harder to gain the trust of our community. Shame on you Mr. Kelso you have set back the lives of so many far beyond your victims.

One of the clients that they serviced fired the company (rightly so) however they have also banned the officers from gaining employment with the new company. Due to one person’s actions all those offices lost their jobs right at the holiday season.

Some of you might ask why do I write about this? Well, simple answer is this happened in my hometown and is a direct reflecting on my industry. The long answer, I feel as a security professional I owe it to my clients, staff and community to explain how we feel about this.
At MP Securities Inc. we hold ourselves to the highest moral and ethical standards. We expect that our employees conduct themselves in the highest regards at all times both on and off the clock; you never know who is watching you. We also believe that people will make mistakes and when they do they need to confront that mistake take responsibility, learn from it and move on.
The effects of Kelso actions are just starting too been seen; only time will tell how far those ripples reach.

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