Commercial Security


Commercial security service is a unique working environment for security professionals. The type of commercial setting you would find a security guard/officer would be: Parking lot, shopping centers, warehouse, manufacturing companies and storage facilities just to name a few. Within a commercial setting the security guard/officer is faced with the challenge of a constant and ever changing public presents rarely is their familiarity with the patterns like you would see with residential security service. Due to the lack of patterns that would occur elsewhere MP Securities Inc. guards are trained to be on constant alert for any and all suspicious activities. A car back in with the engine running, a car park alone away from everything with people in it, or someone loitering; all have the potential to be lead to criminal activity is left unaddressed.

The other issues that makes commercial security service difficult is that fact that although the above example could lead to criminal activity they all could be patrons who are lost and looking for directions. This is where MP Securities Inc. customer service training kicks in. Our officers are taught to approach people in a polite and respectful manner to assess the situations to take the proper steps from there. We know that your customers are our customer too.