Residential Security

Close-up of a security guard listening to his earpiece. Back of jacket showing.

Residential or apartment complex security more complex than it looks on the surface. The service provided in a housing project in Los Angeles is different than the service provided at an HOA in Malibu both have one thing is common. The security guard has to know and understand Fair Housing law. At MP Securities Inc. we fully understand that our actions and the actions of our security guards, courtesy patrol staff and concierge professionals affect you as the client. We train in both state and federal Fair Housing law. This mitigates the risk of lawsuits for you and us. Along with the fair housing training our staff is trained in customer service. At MP Securities Inc. we understand that your clients are our clients too. We are there to protect live and property but we go beyond that we are there to help your clients. If the elderly person needs help unloading there car or help opening a jar, MP Securities Inc. security guards, courtesy patrol staff and concierge professionals are here to assist them. This is just one of many examples of who we assist resident at a residential or HOA.

One of the challenges faced by security staff on a residential property is risk of trespassers, dumpster divers and that person seeking crime of opportunity (COO). This is a situation where a criminal is looking for an open car door, packages left on a doorstep, keys left in the door of an apartment of horse, the lap top or valuable item left in view inside a vehicle where a quick smash and grab can take place. MP Securities Inc. understands the importance of longevity of an officer on a site only benefits the client and the residents. A security guard at the same residential location for several months will understand what is normal and what is not. They learn the comings and goes of the tenants so when that “strange” vehicle is seen driving they know to investigate. It could be a simple lost delivery person or something more sinister like a criminal probing the property looking for security or a COO. So if you are in need of security guard in the Los Angeles area or anywhere in CA contact MP Securities Inc. today to see how we can help you.