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Security guard attacks shopper, what’s next? According to the www.securitysales.com on September 3rd 2015 a contract security guard with Admiral Security Services assigned to a Whole Foods in Norther CA slammed a man against a concrete pillar sending him to the hospital. So what is in the future for Admiral Security Services, the Guard and Whole Foods?

Accounting the www.securitysale.com Whole Foods fired Admiral Security Services and contracted with another company. I don’t fully agree with punishing the company unless Admiral Security knew of some violate tendency or behavioral issues with guard. However it was done I feel it makes Whole Foods look liable for the actions for the guard. But the courts will decide that.


So what is next? That is tough to call at this point with so little information. However; with the information provided I can say this. A major lawsuit is coming to Whole Foods, Admiral Security and criminal charges will most likely be filled against the guard. Along with all the negative press the company is getting, I do not see Admiral Security getting to many new clients in the future. I do see them going out of business after all the lawsuits are done. Shortly after the news broke on this attack protesters took the Whole Foods on September 10th forcing the store to shut down early according to http://www.contracostatimes.com calling for Whole Foods to be held responsible.  Well, Whole Foods had nothing to do with this they should be protesting the company but that is just my opinion. What did this shut down cost Whole Foods?? Could you afford to shut down for a day or longer due to no fault of your own?


When hiring a company you have to ensure the guards are properly trained on how to deescalate and know what proper use of force is. In California only the amount of forces necessary to facilitate an arrest is allowed. Is your company aware of these laws and the legal ramification of not knowing? And how they can jeopardize your business?

I predict two lawsuits; one against the security company another against Whole Foods (that will be settled out of court for an undisclosed amount) and I predict Admiral Security will close its doors.


Call MP Securities Inc. today for more information on how we can protect you. I will continue to follow this and keep you posted and see if my productions come true.

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